VIGIL HOURS on Saturdays: Winter Schedule (2/7/15)

The weather is not expected to be Spring-like - but the vigil will be doable this weekend.

Driving by the Kuser Road facility last Saturday showed that they were in full operation, with nearly a full parking lot.
Spend as much time with us as you can as our presence in during these winter conditions has special influence on helping people to re-think when human life begins.

10/18/14 - Doctor Guarino Owns this building - New Scheduling

It was a disappointment to learn that Dr. Guarino, who owns the building at 1345 Kuser Road, had renewed the lease agreement with Princeton Women's Services for another year starting on November 1.

This means abortions will continue to take place there.

Additionally, the abortion schedule for Saturdays is no longer always in the mornings. Several times in the past month or so, the activity has started at 1pm and lasted throughout the afternoons.

Signs, Disruptive Roses ---and Better Choices 6 14 14

Our regulars were joined by several first time witnesses on a beautiful Saturday morning. This week we added signs based on the idea of "Free Services". Featured are ChoiceOne, Good Counsel Homes and the Legal Center for Defense of Life. Three of the best organizations in our area that dispel the fear that having a child is too expensive or an unbearable burden compared to the cheap and apparently easy way out of abortion.

Signs and Prayers 6 7 14

During today's vigil one of our regulars spontaneously voiced a most poignant and inspired prayer:

"Lord Jesus, we lift up to you these babies who are about to be destroyed. Today they will be with you in paradise --- and, as you hold them tenderly in your arms, may they experience forever the love and peace they never got to know in this world".

Back in Business - May 31, 2014

Princeton Women's Center was back in business this weekend. Making up for the Saturday "holiday" on Memorial Day weekend, the parking lot was crowded - even parking on the grass. We have often observed the nervousness of people as they drive in - often making multiple approaches to a parking space to be sure to be exactly lined up. Today this nervousness probably led to a minor fender bender occurring - with the police filling out the accident report.

The killing of innocent babies goes on inside the facility while the major focus outside is a few paint scratches.

"No Abortion Day" May 24, 2014

We arrived at the Princeton Women's Services location on Kuser Road to find the parking lot empty. Not one car. Not one staff member. We wondered at first if they had just shifted to a later schedule for the day. But as the hours passed we realized it to be a "No Abortion Day". For those hours, our prayers had been answered. We were able to experience the first Saturday of what it will always be on Saturdays here - no abortions!

2-1-14: Relentless Prayer and Fellowship

Various witnesses throughout the morning maintained our vigil. We show up and stand up for our unborn brothers and sisters, suffering and dying just a few hundred feet away. The women and men involved are suffering as well - even when too worried or spiritually numb to understand it right now. We offer sympathy and alternatives to anyone who approaches us - although at this point this is a rare occurrence. A special warmth occurred as the young people of neighboring parishes witnessed in even larger numbers.